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Lancaster Music Festival 2022

17 Oct 2022

In the past few days, Siqian Li has given a few superb performances at the Lancaster Music Festival 2022 - the biggest urban music festival, including a solo recital, a trio concert with violin and Chinese traditional instrument Pipa, and her debut on harpsichord in a secret performance for the festival.

On the evening of Friday 14th, Siqian presented a program with the majority of music prior to 1822, as part of LMF's 1822 programme at Lancaster Priory. On Saturday 15th, she performed at Robert Deegan's harpsichord workshop with some Scarlatti sonatas and a trio concert with violinist Laure Chan and Pipa virtuoso Cheng Yu in the Priory. The three musicians arranged the traditional Chinese music specifically for this trio. The unique combination and the traditional Oriental tunes were extremely welcomed and well-received by the public.

Siqian Li was the first classical musician to perform at Lancaster Music Festival. Click here to read more about LMF 2022 on Lancaster Guardian.

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